The Blue Dragon by Robert Lepage in Salamanca!

Robert Lepage, one of the most versatile theater directors has braught a new masterpiece to Spain when he and his company Ex Machina performed last night in The Blue Dragon at the IV Festival de las Artes de Castilla y León in Salamanca. Québécois director Robert Lepage’s characters are often travellers drawn to the revealing … Sigue leyendo

Napoleon D – A show about men, the internet, politics, sex. Oh, and dance.

The US movie “Napoleon D” narrates a story of outcasts at a provincial American highschool. The protagonist Napoleon Dynamite is a nerd. Normally the incarnation of “uncool” one day he manages to surprise his entire school: at an election rally for student representative Napoleon dances for the minority candidate to support him. This dance scene … Sigue leyendo

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