Amores difíciles

Una exposición retrospectiva reúne los mejores trabajos de Adriana Lestido en PHotoEspaña 2010 En las fotografías de Adriana Lestido, hay un permanente subrayado en la vivencia del tiempo como un proceso narrativo, que nos va desvelando una voz interior. Todas sus series están atravesadas por una idea de tiempo que fluye, que va construyendo un … Sigue leyendo

The 70s. Photography and everyday life

A nostalgia trip with PHotoEspaña Tired of the crisis? There isn’t anything more relaxing than reflecting the everyday life of the 70s, where sex, love and peace were the main topics. This is what is at least offering the collective exhibition of PHotoEspaña09, The 70s. Photography and Everyday Life co-produced by Centro Andaluz de Arte … Sigue leyendo

Malick Sidibé’s Bamako-Style

A metaphor of happiness and a joyful life. From 3 June to 26 July, Madrid’s art galleries take part in the PHotoEspaña 2009 agenda with photography and videoart programmes. 42 exhibition complete the 12th program of the Festival. One extraordinary exhibition of West-African artist Malick Sidibé can be seen at the Off Festival section at … Sigue leyendo

Fischli & Weiss with rats and bears at Reina Sofia

Are animals people? This exhibition by Peter Fischli (Zurich, 1952) and David Weiss (Zurich, 1946) organized by the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, brings together a selection of pieces made by the artists themselves and centers around the protagonists in their first works, Rat and Bear. Present at different moments throughout Fischli and … Sigue leyendo

El querido Buenos Aires de Horacio Coppola

The Telefonica Foundation is dedicating an extraordinary homenage to founding father of Argentinean photography, Horacio Coppola, including 125 photos and 4 short films, with the attempt to reconstruct Coppola’s original view of the city Buenos Aires and its way to modernity. Coppola’s great series is Viejo Buenos Aires, adiós (1936,) an exquisite collection that conjugates … Sigue leyendo

JPG Magazine – revista de fotografía digital

JPG Magazine es para gente a que les encanta sacar fotos y que valoran más el momento que la cámara. Es para amantes de la fotografía digital que quiere compatir sus trabajos con la opción de verlos en versión impreso. Es una revista impreso que se publica 6 veces al año en E.E.U.U. pero se … Sigue leyendo

Ouka Leele inedited

Her career started with selling paintings in the street. Many years later, in 2005, Bárbara Allende Gil de Biedma, better known as Ouka Leele, received the Spanish National Photography Prize. Now the Ministry of Culture is holding an anthological exhibition of her unpublished work in the Costumes Museum Museo del Traje. This Madrid artist, a … Sigue leyendo

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