Shirin Neshat en La Fábrica Galería

Shirin Neshat presenta  trabajos de las series Games of Desire y Faezeh Desde el 4 de febrero hasta el 31 de marzo, La Fábrica Galería muestra el trabajo de la artista iraní Shirin Neshat. En su primera individual en la galería, la artista presenta obras de las series Games of Desire (Juegos de deseo) (2009) … Sigue leyendo


Opening of Bac!09 Pandora´s B Avoiding “victimism” as far as possible, the next Bac! Festival, hosted by the Centre de Cultura Contemporànea de Barcelona (CCCB), will present the work of key artists for a generation of women artists who are somehow involved in fighting for women’s role in art, in order to discover new paradigms … Sigue leyendo

POLIS: ‘New-Stadt’?

Contemporary Architecture and Urban Development in Cairo and Istanbul A new city in the desert, about an hour’s drive away from the centre of Cairo, is being built since 2004: New Cairo. Covering a surface of ca. 120 square kilometres, a sea of half-finished buildings surges up which look like a blend of haciendas and … Sigue leyendo

RAPTURE… or your world is my disease

“…rapt by something, taken over; drawn towards; rapt by awe; rapture is the state of being rapt. It’s neither passive nor active, a state of being. Obsession is out of balance, rapture is in balance but still overwhelming…” (A/A) A drug addict (non consumer of elementary narcotics). And artist (somebody who transforms objective observations into … Sigue leyendo

Taswir – Pictorial Mappings of Islam and Modernity

A contemporary look at classic Islamic Art The exhibition Taswir – Pictorial Mappings of Islam and Modernity, taking place starting from 5th November at Berlin´s museum Martin-Gropius-Bau, shows selected precious objects of classical Islamic art as well as significant works by 20th-century and contemporary artists, most of whom have an Islamic background.The 250-odd works on … Sigue leyendo

Fischli & Weiss with rats and bears at Reina Sofia

Are animals people? This exhibition by Peter Fischli (Zurich, 1952) and David Weiss (Zurich, 1946) organized by the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, brings together a selection of pieces made by the artists themselves and centers around the protagonists in their first works, Rat and Bear. Present at different moments throughout Fischli and … Sigue leyendo

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