Cui Jian, el padre del rock’n roll chino viene al Festival Asia

Con ocasión de la primera gira en España del rockero chino Cui Jian, organizada por Casa Asia (en Madrid el 19 de septiembre durante La Noche en Blanco y en Barcelona el 23 de septiembre durante el Festival Asia), se realiza un encuentro con este artista, un icono de la cultura china contemporánea e ídolo … Sigue leyendo

Yunnan, Mekong & Sara – sustainable travelling

Responsible travel to natural areas which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of the local people. The Chinese province Yunnan has some of the most magical and diverse scenery in all of China with endless trekking opportunities.Yunnan is not only home to a third of all China’s ethnic minorities but also to the nation´s … Sigue leyendo

Björk del Oriente se llama Sa Dingding

Con una voz única y visión musical distinta, Sa Dingding representa una pasión creativa muy original, una diversidad étnica con influencia de un China moderno. A ella le encanta cambiar los idiomas como si fueran zapatos – canta en Sanskrit, Mandarin y Tibetano o en algún otro idioma – quién sabe. Queda preciosa la fusión … Sigue leyendo

Interview with Yungchen Lhamo, Tibetan Goddess of Melodies!

World Music Central recently interviewed Tibetan singer Yungchen Lhamo about her new recording and her music. Your name has a special meaning. Could you tell us more? My name means Goddess of Song or Melodies, I don’t think of myself as a goddess, but I know I was born to sing, so like that I … Sigue leyendo

2 Kolegas in Beijing

It is a little remote from the centre of Beijing in the Chaoyang district and almost impossible to find the bar unless you are in the scene. It seems that Taxi drivers have never heard of this place before. It´s inside a retro drive-in cinema complex off Liangmaqiao Lu in the middle of nowhere with … Sigue leyendo

Foto: Take care in China!

Foto: Carlos Hugo Ramírez Zuluaga, 2008

Book: Wei Hui – Shanghai Baby

Very stunning insight into contemporary China! In Zhou Wei Hui’’s erotic tale, Coco converts from a sex-crazed hedonist to a blessed-out Buddhist, thanks to her crush on Muju, a Japanese-Italian television executive who happens to be a terrific lover. More than 40.000 copies of Shanghai Baby were burned publicly, her publisher closed, and Wei Hui … Sigue leyendo

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