RAPTURE… or your world is my disease

“…rapt by something, taken over; drawn towards; rapt by awe;
rapture is the state of being rapt.
It’s neither passive nor active, a state of being.
Obsession is out of balance, rapture is in balance but still overwhelming…” (A/A)

A drug addict (non consumer of elementary narcotics).

And artist (somebody who transforms objective observations into analogies).

Being in this world, feels like living among aliens (extraterrestrial live form).

As children we made our revulsion known, the revulsion that we had to endure your shaped reality; pure, without even knowing, was this disgust, the confusion and the emptiness.

You try to condition us to make us obedient, but we resisted, were stronger than the system and fell through the sticky spider webs of… worth community undergoing physical and mental abuse in a windowless cube of isolation.

After years we discovered drugs and used them, knowing, this would irretrievable lead us into addiction; a pit fall for all those who try to escape.

But we were defensive, preserving a sprout of personality in ourselves, build barricades, labyrinths for our soul and learned in all this misery of sore and hopelessness concealed truths.

Than we stopped using.

We went in to the world, without personality, we devoured everything you through at us, your lies, your hatred, but the way back then planted sprout started to grow and what he spawned was stronger than all that.

9/11/2001 made clear that all resistance was broken, you don´t even have to lie anymore, you flooded the world with useless information, consume, entertainment.

You made people into protein, into incapable, senseless wandering zombies, that only want more, more money for consume, more entertainment, more pills, alcohol, porn…

But the table have turned.

We are here.

With the exhibition RAPTURE in the new rooms of the WHITE SQUARE GALLERY in Berlin the artist group, ARTISTS ANONYMOUS, announces its homecoming from London to the German capital.


White Square Gallery Berlin

September 19th – December 12th, 2009



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