The 70s. Photography and everyday life

A nostalgia trip with PHotoEspaña


Tired of the crisis? There isn’t anything more relaxing than reflecting the everyday life of the 70s, where sex, love and peace were the main topics. This is what is at least offering the collective exhibition of PHotoEspaña09, The 70s. Photography and Everyday Life co-produced by Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Museo D’Arte Provincia di Nuoro and La Fábrica/PHotoEspaña in collaboration with Fundación Banco Santander, which seeks to provide a retrospective look at a group of works and artists that contributed to making the 1970s one of the most important and fruitful periods in the recent history of photography. This group show, which includes over 200 photographs, covers some twenty outstanding figures in the visual arts field of that time, and offers a wide, diverse range of images that exemplify the period as well as a selection of its conceptual and aesthetic attitudes.


Participating artists are David Goldblatt, Christian Boltanski, Anders Petersen, Cindy Sherman, Viktor Kolár, Malick Sidibé, Laurie Andersen and Ed van der Elsken among others.

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The 1970s witnessed a definitive change in the relationship between art and photography, and comprise a period that is essential for understanding the contemporary art of the last 35 years. The aesthetic approaches of avant-gardes concerned with purely formal questions gave way to a more open, less dogmatic artistic attitude in which some attention had to be paid to life experience and social issues. The decade produced a greater interrelationship between art and life that led to an interest in defending the everyday, the poetics of the personal and the landscape of the intimate in addition to unconventional documentary approaches. Art ceased to be considered something external to the artist and began to be part of the creator’s attitude toward life. Photography was seen as an ideal tool for this artistic and historical context, and the photographic medium was reformulated.

Teatro Fernán Gómez. Centro de Arte, Plaza de Colón 4, Madrid

Años 70. Fotografía y vida cotidiana. Exposición colectiva.

Dates: 2 June – 27 July

More information: PHotoEspaña



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