EURO 2008 – Kicking for betterplace!

Kalzone (Username: panconqueso) is participating in the betterplace prediction game to each of the 31 matches of the EURO 2008.

Everyone can participate and do something useful. If you are spot on: Well done, you know your football. If you get it wrong: Donate one Euro to the project “KICKFORMORE – the streetfootball league” – or to one of the many other projects on the platform for social projects – betterplace – and be spot on anyway.

The Internet based Foundation, founded in July 2007, aims to connect people in need of support and others who want to help – one to one – worldwide. After an extended stay in Africa, Till Behnke returned to Germany to work for car manufacturer DaimlerChrysler. In 2006, Till felt the need to combine his degree in Business Informatics, his professional expertise as a project manager and the ambivalent encounter with the African continent to a more meaningful end than a career in a transnational corporation. In Berlin he met his ideal partner in Line Hadsbjerg. With a degree in anthropology, she had worked both for Amnesty International in India and for the European Commissioner for Development in Brussels. After long discussions about how the Internet can be used to better the lives of people in need worldwide, they surrounded themselves with a highly motivated, interdisciplinary team, consisting of Philip Baier, Moritz Eckert, Georg Friedrich, Axel Kuzmik and Bodo Sieber, to start – a global platform that was to be a bridge between needs and new, innumerable opportunities.

On there are social projects from around the world or in the closest neighbourhood. Projects can directly be supported by offering donations in money, kind, know-how, or time – as an individual or a company. On betterplace experience can be made directly, in text and image, the concrete difference each contribution is making.

betterplace guarantees that the donation will be forwarded to the project of your choice without any administrative fees – 100%! This possible because betterplace is not funded by donations. Furthermore, the charities represented on betterplace are also committed to this principle. Each donation received through the betterplace platform is forwarded to the individual project, and is not being used to cover the administration costs of the organisation.

Returning to the EURO 2008: Whoever gets most of the predictions right will be the betterplace Prediction King 2008 and is the winner – but so of course is everybody else involved. For every false prediction, 1 Euro will be donated to the project KICKFORMORE.

On the first matchday, we were able to save the position 11. Our results to present:

Win:16 Draw:15

Contribution in Euro: 15,00

Placing bets: “panconqueso” Matchday 1
Season Kickoff Home team Away team Group Toto
EM 6/7/08 6:00 PM Switzerland Czech Republic Group A 2
EM 6/7/08 8:45 PM Portugal Turkey Group A 0
EM 6/8/08 6:00 PM Austria Croatia Group B 2
EM 6/8/08 8:45 PM Germany Poland Group B 1
EM 6/9/08 6:00 PM Romania France Group C 2
EM 6/9/08 8:45 PM Netherlands Italy Group C 2
EM 6/10/08 6:00 PM Spain Russia Group D 1
EM 6/10/08 8:45 PM Greece Sweden Group D 2
Placing bets: “panconqueso” Matchday 2
Season Kickoff Home team Away team Group Toto
EM 6/11/08 6:00 PM Czech Republic Portugal Group A 2
EM 6/11/08 8:45 PM Switzerland Turkey Group A 0
EM 6/12/08 6:00 PM Croatia Germany Group B 2
EM 6/12/08 8:45 PM Austria Poland Group B 2
EM 6/13/08 6:00 PM Italy Romania Group C 1
EM 6/13/08 8:45 PM Netherlands France Group C 1
EM 6/14/08 6:00 PM Sweden Spain Group D 2
EM 6/14/08 8:45 PM Greece Russia Group D 0

Placing bets: “panconqueso” Matchday 3
Season Kickoff Home team Away team Group Toto
EM * 6/15/08 8:45 PM Switzerland Portugal Group A 2
EM * Turkey Czech Republic Group A 2
EM * 6/16/08 8:45 PM Poland Croatia Group B 2
EM * Austria Germany Group B 2
EM * 6/17/08 8:45 PM France Italy Group C 2
EM * Netherlands Romania Group C 1
EM * 6/18/08 8:45 PM Russia Sweden Group D 2
EM * Greece Spain
Group D 2
Placing bets: “panconqueso” Quarter-final
Season Kickoff Home team Away team Toto
EM * 6/19/08 8:45 PM Portugal Germany 1
EM * 6/20/08 8:45 PM Croatia Turkey 1
EM * 6/21/08 8:45 PM Netherlands Russia 1
EM * 6/22/08 8:45 PM Spain Italy 1
Placing bets: “panconqueso” Semi-final
Season Kickoff Home team Away team Toto
EM * 6/25/08 8:45 PM Germany Turkey 1
EM * 6/26/08 8:45 PM Russia Spain 2

Placing bets: “panconqueso” Final
Season Kickoff Home team Away team Toto
EM * 6/29/08 8:45 PM Germany
Spain 2

Panconqueso congratulates Spain for being ‘campeón’!!!



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