Napoleon D – A show about men, the internet, politics, sex. Oh, and dance.

The US movie “Napoleon D” narrates a story of outcasts at a provincial American highschool. The protagonist Napoleon Dynamite is a nerd. Normally the incarnation of “uncool” one day he manages to surprise his entire school: at an election rally for student representative Napoleon dances for the minority candidate to support him. This dance scene enchants with its bizarre sexyness. For whatever reason this scene became one of the most often watched dance sequences on the internet. More than 8 million people watched it on YouTube alone.

post theater has invited 5 choreographers to research this pop-cultural phenomenon and interprete Napoleon’s dance. The rules are as easy as they are strict: every choreographer has exactly 10 minutes performance time, not more than two performers and very limited light and stage design options. The scenes will deal with the topics at hand: masculinity, sexuality and the power of pop. And of course: how are pop-choreographies transmitted via film, video and the internet? The choreographers that will join the project all have their specific signatures and different approaches to pop-culture. Every dance segment is a re-mix of the same source material Napoleon’s dance.

Inspired by the movie-narrative and just like the YouTube conventions the performances will be not just put on stage but put up for voting. The audience will vote over their favorite piece. In addition this is an ironic spin on TV formats that vote for stars and the Berlin art scene where arts are in competition for recognition.

Promotion clips and the actual works of the collaborating choreographers have been uploaded on the internet
back to where their material came from first.

Watch the promotional clips here and vote your favorite.

Napoleon D. Clip 1 – Nabih Amaraoui and Matthieu Burner

Napoleon D. Clip 2 – Martin Clausen

Napoleon D. Clip 3 – Clint Lutes

Napoleon D. Clip 4 – Nir De Volff

Napoleon D. Clip 5 – Christoph Winkler

Every Monday at 20.30h

Ort / Venue: Dock 11 – Kastanienallee 79 – 10435 Berlin

Karten unter / Ticket-hotline: 030 44041912

*Reservierung dringend empfohlen
*Reservation recommended

Note: The performance is in English and German.


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