Ché, Olé! – Ba§otangos redefine Flamenco

The Flamenco duo Ba§otangos, founded in 2004 by Charo Pérez and Ernesto Drago, just released their second album, Volumen Uno, continuing their work on the very original fusion of Spanish Flamenco and Tango Argentino. The new album reflects the improvement of their work in a very charming and passionate way. Spanish flamenco dancer and vocalist Rosario ‘Charo’ Peréz seduces the audience with her powerful and dramatic voice and percussions.

The electro bass tunes played by the very talented and passionate bass player and composer Ernesto Drago, give their music a surprisingly original note. It is impossible to oversee his Argentine roots as he is influenced not only by Milongas and Tango, but also by Jazz, Cumbia and the great Charly Garcia.

Ché, olé!

Next concerts / Próximas actuaciones:

17 April 2008, La Boca del Lobo, Madrid

September 2008, Buenos Aires, tbc


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